Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

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They Certainly Worked for Me... I'm Completely Smoke Free after 18 Years of Smoking Cigarettes!

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by: Brenda Moore
Do Electronic Cigarettes Work? For me the answer is a resounding "Yes!"... I had been a smoker for over half my life (18 years straight!), with a pack a day habit, and electronic cigarettes were the answer to finally quitting tobacco cigarettes forever. I started smoking when I was only 16 years old and continued until this past year. 

At the age of 34, I became pregnant for the first time, I was at the peak of my career, my husband was happy and healthy and I had every reason in the world to make sure I was here for my loved ones. That is what really helped motivate me to give electronic cigarettes a try. I figured I truly owed it to my husband and my unborn child to quit smoking for good!
I had read several stories about others who had been able to quit smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes and I read several reports online that clearly touted them as being an excellent alternative to traditional cigarettes. Finally I decided to take the plunge and and give them a try. 

After doing a lot of research online the overwhelming concensus was that ePuffer International is the undisputed industry leader with locations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe 

They offer the best price, best quality, best selection and the best warranty in the industry, they also have a full 30 day satisfaction Money Back Guantee! 
I figured "Why Not?" If it didn't work for me I could just send it back for a full refund... so I placed an order for their signature product, the "Colibri".

Four days later I received my package... it consisted of: 

  • Colibri electronic cigarette protective travel and battery charging slim pack

  • The pack is made from high quality ABS plastic with Silk-feel soft coating

  • Two Lithium Rechargeable Batteries 

  • Five Premium Tobacco Flavor Atomized Nicotine Cartridges

  • Universal AC/USB Battery / Slim Pack Charger 110/240V

  • Power Line Cable

  • Instruction Manual

ePuffer Featured on "The Doctors Show"
I admit I had my doubts, but when I actually tried the electronic cigarette I was very impressed at how well it worked. It felt like I was smoking, It even looked liked I was smoking -- the end of the e-cig even lights up as you inhale the vapor! I suddenly realized how satisfied I felt, it absolutely stopped my craving at that moment.

The first week that I used the smokeless e-cig, my husband made a few comments on how much better the house smelled. (we used to argue about that all the time)

After a few more weeks my Mother came for a visit and gave me a big hug as she came through the door and said "How nice, no more stinky tobacco smell on you!"  that was around the time I realized that my fingers, hair, and clothes really did smell tobacco free at last. 

I am happy to say that after only 2 months I was able give up smoking the electronic cigarette as well, and I am now totally "dependant free" of any kind of cigarette (real or electronic)

I think that the reason that electronic cigarettes work so well is that they are still giving you a low dose of nicotine, and they are still giving you the feeling of smoking, so you don't for a minute feel deprived in any way. 

What you are NOT getting is all the nasty tar and carcinogens that they put in the tobacco cigarettes. I am so glad that I gave electronic cigarettes a try. Here I am six months later and I can assure you that I have never felt the least desire to return to smoking again -- I am healthier and happier and so is everyone who loves me.
How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

To begin with, these cigarettes do not produce smoke; rather, an odorless, flavored vapor that is inhaled and exhaled the same way as regular tobacco smoke. The devices are modeled after traditional cigarettes for a more fashionable look and feel.

Most electronic cigarettes comprise of three basic parts: a cartridge, which forms the mouthpiece; an atomizer as the heating element and a battery that powers the atomizer. These parts are screwed into one single piece that could appear just like an ordinary cigarette. So how do electronic cigarettes work? To understand the workings of this device, it would be necessary to first understand each component in detail and how they piece up together to form a unit.

The cartridge forms the mouthpiece end of the cigarette, and is the reservoir that is filled with the flavored e-liquid from which vapor is drawn. It is a small container that can be disposed of or refilled when the liquid has been used up. It is attached to the atomizer, to which it supplies the e-liquid for heating. 

Many cartridges come pre-filled with liquid containing nicotine and flavoring, and are as such commonly referred to as nicotine cartridges. The presence – and level – of nicotine in the solution is however up to the user’s preference. To prevent a scenario where this liquid could mix up with the vapor being sucked into the user’s mouth, side channels are included in the casing of the mouthpiece for passage of vapor.

Typical cartridges are filled with liquid that lasts about 20 times more than a traditional cigarette, effectively equating one cartridge to a pack of cigarettes.


The cartridge is made to screw onto the atomizer. The atomizer works by activation, and this is simply when the ‘smoker’ takes a drag at the mouthpiece end. The atomizer actually consists of two parts: a metal wicking mechanism that pulls in the liquid, and the heating element (filament). The wick draws in liquid and passes it over to the filament, which in turn gets hot enough to vaporize it.


The battery forms the other end of the e-cigarette. It is the longest part, with an LED light that glows red (or blue in some) at the end to signal activation during a puff. This obviously simulates the action of traditional cigarettes, helping the user to get a feel of a similar smoking experience. This battery is screwed onto the atomizer and is responsible for the supply of power needed to activate the heating element. Newer models do not include a manual switch for activation as this happens automatically during each drag. 

Electronic cigarette batteries are made of lithium ion and are rechargeable. They can be charged just the same way as other electronics, including with the use of a USB charger. 

It is worth noting that there are 3 variations of electronic cigarettes though they all work the same. There’s the 3-piece cigarette, which is what has been described above: the cartridge, atomizer and battery are all independent parts. The 2-piece system ( Which is what I used) fuses the cartridge with the atomizer – called a cartomizer – they are cheaper to replace than atomizers which do degrade after some time. There are also the 1-piece disposable models, a convenient but more expensive option, coming with a pre-charged battery and without the option of refilling the cartridge.


This liquid is contained in the cartridge and is also known as ‘e-juice’. The composition of e-liquid varies depending on the needs of the user. But the common solution in all is propylene glycol and or glycerin. Both substances are regarded in medical circles as virtually harmless. 

Most solutions contain nicotine which is added in specific measures – zero to extra high nicotine. Generally, a measure of 6 -8 mg/ml (milligrams per millimeter) is considered low, 10 – 14 medium, 16 – 18 high, and anything above 24 mg/ml is extra-high nicotine. Flavorings like apple, coffee, strawberry, menthol and many others can be added to the user’s taste. 

I've read many electonic cigarettes reviews online where many people have raised questions on how much safer electronic cigarettes are compared to traditional cigarettes. Well, regarding the risk of fire, there’s none, as they do not produce any kind of flame. On health matters, nicotine is the harmful substance present in electronic cigarettes, and the conclusion is obvious. The biggest difference between the two is that tobacco smoke contains at least 4000 toxic chemicals, none of which are present in e cigarettes